What Is The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal In UAE?

Body hair is a bane that all of us must live with. While most of it is hidden under clothing, some of it is visible and it affects your clothing choices. This article discusses how to remove unwanted body hair, the associated costs, and what to expect from the method you choose.

Why does my hair grow back immediately?

Most of us have visible hair on our bodies. While hair on the back, tummy and bikini area remains hidden under clothes, the hair on the face, arms, legs and underarms is clearly visible when one wears knee-length dresses and sleeveless tops. These are removed so that these areas of skin appear clean and fresh.

But it looks like whatever mode of hair removal you employ, the hair begins to grow back almost at once. The quickest hair regrowth is seen in shaving, followed by the use of depilatory creams. Seen shaving only cuts the hair at the skin’s surface, and depilatory creams dissolve the hair just below the surface, the hair regrowth is rapid. You will see hair regrowth in one day with shaving (it comes back as a rough stubble) and about three days with depilatory creams (it returns as downy hair, then regains its usual texture and thickness). If you have been using these quick methods to remove hair, it is little wonder that the hair regrows quickly every time.

The hair is the only part of the body to grow continuously, albeit by millimetres. Regrowth is certain with most methods of hair removal.

Which hair removal method is long term or permanent?

However, there are some methods that keep the hair away for longer. These include waxing and laser hair removal.

  • Waxing is the process of applying sticky hot or cold wax to the skin, and pulling it off swiftly. This pulls the hair out of the roots. The process may be painful, but since the entire follicle is pulled out, it takes a longer time to regrow the hair shaft. The regrowth may not be seen for at least three weeks after waxing. Also, if you choose the right wax (hot or cold, based on your skin type and tolerance of the product) and the waxer knows how to remove hair with minimum wax application, then the skin becomes softer and the hair regrowth becomes sparser with each application.
  • The other method is laser hair removal. It is one of the most popular methods of hair removal among those who want a permanent or semi-permanent result. The hair does not regrow for months, though you may require some repeat sessions. With each session, the hair regrows sparser and thinner than before. At some point, the hair does not regrow again and you are left with hair-free, clear skin.

How is it done?

Laser hair removal is done by experienced dermatologists and not by people unused to wielding the laser equipment.

  • It removes hair by transferring a powerful beam of light into the hair in the targeted skin. This light energy is converted to heat energy in the hair follicle — the intense heat ‘burns off’ the entire follicle at a time. The treated hair is then removed naturally by the body over a few days.
  • Meanwhile, since the follicle is burnt, it takes a long time for the hair shaft to build itself from scratch and regrow. Some follicles may not regrow again, which accounts for the sparser regrowth using laser hair removal.
  • When hair regrows, the dermatologist checks your skin’s health and refers you for a repeat session. You might need three or four sessions in all to permanently banish the visible hair from your skin. The procedure makes the treated skin sore and red, but these signs disappear gradually over the next few days.
  • Laser hair removal is used on the arms, legs, back, shoulders, thighs, underarms, bikini areas and even the face. But it must be done with caution using the right equipment. Post-procedure, you have to care for your skin properly — you cannot expose it to direct sunlight, you must moisturise it regularly for two weeks, and avoid swimming or exercising for a fortnight after the procedure.

What does laser hair removal cost in the UAE?

The laser hair removal costs in Dubai vary based on a range of factors:

  • The clinic where you get the procedure
  • The expertise and reputation of the doctor administering the treatment
  • The area of the body part — small, medium or full

On an average, a ballpark figure for a small area of hair removal would cost AED 300 to 500 in Dubai, while medium area would cost AED 600 to 900. Full body laser hair removal, if recommended, could cost anywhere from AED 2,500 to AED 4,000. However, the final cost will be determined by the clinic you book the appointment with, so the above are just rough guides. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of the numbers involved. The doctor will also include consultation charges in the total.

How should I book the appointment?

Do your research about the best clinics and doctors offering laser hair removal in Dubai. You can book an appointment to have a skin profile, answer some basic questions about your medical history and lifestyle, and get advice on how to proceed with the treatment. Please note that you cannot undergo the procedure if you have extremely sensitive skin, or pre-existing skin conditions like Psoriasis or Eczema. If the area to be treated has cut or irritated skin, the doctor will advise you to wait till you are fully healed to book the session.

You might need three or five sessions, depending on the density of hair growth, how fast the hair is able to regrow, etc.

Always enlist the services of a reputed doctor in Dubai or UAE when getting laser hair removal.

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