Neem Oil for Hair: Tips on how to get the Best Results

Neem oil for hair works wonders. Neem is known for its medicinal values. Traditionally, it was even believed that the wind which flows through a window besides a neem tree contains medical values and will cure all ailments. Neem extract is used to make a variety of products. Neem medicinal values are present in the form of a face wash, a scrub, a soap or even neem hair oil. This is the best solution for all types of hair problems. Whether it be dandruff, or hair thinning, excessive hair fall, split ends, dryness, etc. neem oil is the ideal solution.

· For the best results, apply neem hair oil in the affected area and dab it slowly with a cotton swab. Let the oil soak for about 20 minutes. The longer you let it soak, the higher the benefits will show. Use it daily for effective results.

· Use the oil and then wash it off with warm water. The water should be lukewarm. Neem oil is usually made in a cool compressed way. Do not choose an oil that seems funny in color or texture. The color should be yellowish green.

· Neem has a very strong smell. So, the oil must smell. If you are sensitive to such smells and is feeling dizzy or having a headache, stop usage immediately. But, neem oils necessarily have some lavender, essential oils mixed in it to get rid of the smell as well as give it a slightly different spinoff.

· Neem oil is ideal for all sorts of hair. It moisturizes the hair from tip to the root. It strengthens hair growth. it is mostly ideal for dry scalps that have a lot of dandruff. Using it for a longer period of time helps to get rid of the dandruff completely.

· When dabbing the oil on your scalp make sure that your hair is dry. Do not apply it on wet hair. The results will be less effective. Apply it on dry hair and then wash it off with water later on. You can also prepare a home mix with aloe gel, lavender, tea tree oil, neem extracts for enhanced results. Your mane will feel very luscious after washing.

Neem oil for hair contains stearic acid, carotenoids, vitamin C, palmitic acid, oleic acid, etc. These components repair all forms of hair damage. So, apply it daily for the best results. If you have any hair moles, itchiness, or scalp problem, then also you can resort to this medicinal oil. Usually, this oil also has some essential oils mixed in it to give it a light scent. Due to the high potency of neem hair oils, coconut oil, lavender, and tea tree oil is also mixed in it. This enhances the benefits of this oil.

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