Hair Strength Therapies to Stop Hair Thinning

Without going for a transplant, there are ways to stop thinning of hair. With some hair strength therapies and treatments, you can slow down or avert hair thinning, and maybe also grow back some hair. Find below, what all work to stop hair thinning:

1. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication to fight hair loss problems. The medication is approved by the FDA for use. It does stimulate hair growth, though, it won’t rescue a receding hairline. The medication is available as Rogaine or Theroxidil. It comes in liquid as well as foam form and in strengths of 2% and 5%.

Minoxidil works fine for two out of three men. If you are under the age of 40, you have greater chances to avoid hair thinning.

You can take this medication twice a day. Apply Minoxidil on the area of your scalp where the hair has started to thin after drying your hair. You have to apply this regularly for four months or more before starting to see the change.

It does not cure baldness and if you stop using it, your hair will start falling off again. You may experience side effects like itching, dryness, flaking, redness, or other irritation in scalp. But, they mostly occur when you use a stronger 5% solution.

2. Biotin and Low-Level Laser Hair Strength Therapy

Biotin is a B vitamin essential for your health. It is present in egg yolks, yeast, and other foods. Too little biotin can cause the hair loss problem. But that does not mean that taking its mega-doses it will give more hair.

3. Finasteride

What Finasteride medication does id it stops the formation of the hormone that is at the root of male pattern baldness — DHT. The medication is available under the brand name — Propecia.

Finasteride is pretty effective and it slows or completely stops hair loss in nearly 90% of the men. Some of the men also get some new hair.

Finasteride is a pill and has to be taken once a day. It is advised to be taken in combination with Minoxidil.

Just like Minoxidil, it does not cure hair loss and if you stop taking it hair loss returns.

Finasteride may cause erectile dysfunction and other such side effects, though this is not prevalent and even if it happens, it will clear up once you stop taking Finasteride.

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