8 Natural Beauty tips every woman needs to keep up her hustle

For women who are taking on the world and at the same time looking good while doing it, here are some natural beauty tips which will help you to enhance your beauty without having to check in to the salon every other time:

1) Do away with bags under your eyes with chilled tea bags: Immerse minimum two tea bags, can be chamomile, green or black tea, in hot water for slightly less than a minute. After this, remove the bags and cool them in your refrigerator. Place the chilled tea bag over your closed eyelid and leave for 5–15 minutes

2) Change your pillowcase: Opt for soft and silky pillowcases over the harder fabrics. This helps in decreasing the compression and skin friction which happens when you are asleep and hence reduces pressure so that you don’t wake up with a wrinkled face.

3) Cut sugar out: High intakes of sugar in your diet is one of the main reasons of skin inflammation which manifests itself as itchiness, dry skin or acne. So take a small step and try cutting out sugar for at least 10 days especially if it is prior to a big event coming up, you will notice the change.

4) Exercise and meditate: A lot of skin problems can be eradicated by getting rid of chronic stress or sleep disorder. And two of the most effective ways to do that is exercising regularly and taking time out to meditate once in a while. This, results in a release of hormones which make you feel beautiful inside out.

5) Coconut Water hydration: Make it a habit to start your day with a glass of fresh and raw coconut water, and during the course of day drink the filtered water. Also include coconuts, olives, avocados, salmon in your daily meals, as these are proven skin hydrating agents.

6) Remove dark circles with Arnica: Chronic under eye circles are an indicator of environmental or food allergy. Arnica gel or skincare products containing Arnica which has effective inflammatory products are very helpful in this case. It reduces dark circles and lessens swelling.

7) Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is the most sought after product in the natural beauty world and rightfully so. It works wonders on irritated red skin and turns it into a glowing healthy skin. It also treats minor cuts, acne, scrapes and eczema.

8) The Green Tea Toner: Green tea if applied locally on skin has instant brightening and anti-inflammatory effects. This helps a great deal in toning your skin. Steep the tea for 5 minutes, cool it down and apply, preferably with a cotton pad or pour into a spray bottle.

So, with these natural beauty tips which are not only super effective but also are very cost effective, and also super easy to follow, we hope you save some money on the artificial beauty products and take the plunge to go green!

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